Upp’s hydrogen fuel cell charger can power your smartphone for a week


A new way of powering your smartphone has been released that can provide a week’s worth of charge using renewable energy sources.

Upp is a portable power solution utilizing hydrogen fuel cells that should charge any USB-compatible device.

Upp consists of an Upp fuel cell and Upp Cartridge, both of which are included in the starter pack for £149. Once the reusable cartridge is empty, the owner can exchange it for a replacement cartridge for just £5.95.

Upp is currently available at Apple Stores across the UK as well as online from the Upp website.

The product has been designed by Intelligent Energy, which in recent years has focused on producing hydrogen fuel cells that are small enough to charge the array of portable devices, like smartphones and tablets, which play such a key role in our daily lives. Previously, hydrogen fuel cell technology had largely been confined to the automobile industry.

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