Decarbonise the Air, Recarbonise the Soil

The World Organic News No-Dig Gardening Book!


A complete “how to” guide to organic gardening.

“Growing food is a skill. A skill teetering on the edge of oblivion. As more humans decide to live in cities and megacities, the skill fades deeper into the background.”

“By designing a system that supports, reinforces and assists those webs of life, we may reap a harvest without destroying those webs. In effect, to produce food fit for human consumption.”

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“The World Organic News No-Dig System begins with the premise: Nature has already solved out food production problems. It then develops, based upon observation and contemplation, a series of interlocking systems designed to facilitate this outcome. Continual observation, review and alteration adapt the System to reality.”

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“The World Organic News No-Dig System is designed to produce food that is fit for human consumption based upon one single, extremely powerful premise: healthy soil is the basis of all life. The system focuses on small land areas: from 600m2 (0.15 acre) up to 20,000m2 (5 acres) with each land size having its own unique challenges, rewards and competitive advantages. By staying small we are able to observe, document and consider what we are doing. Instead of using expensive, large scale mechanical processes, we rely upon information rich systems for decision making and production. In essence we use the natural systems to do the “work” for us. Is it not easier to employ earthworms to constantly aerate the soil than to double dig garden beds annually?”

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