What Is The Change Underground?

Gardens that feed you and eat CO2? Really? Well, yes!

  • Climate change?
  • Your diet?
  • Want to “really” eat healthy?
  • Just grow your own.
  • But it’s so hard! Digging, Weeding, Pests!

What if you could grow your own food without digging, without hours of weeding, organically and in way that kept pests away?

You can! You REALLY can.

And these gardens take carbon from the atmosphere and hold it in the soil!

The Change Underground System is the result of 30+ years of experimentation based around two primary ideas: Copying Nature rather than fighting Her & What less can I do?

I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Starting something new can be overwhelming.

Am I doing it right? What if I bump against a problem?

Help is at hand!!!

The Change Underground System is a membership group.

     ~What’s included?~

Access to the first ten modules immediately. This is enough to get you growing.

Ten new modules released each year to build upon your knowledge.

Each module includes: A written post, a video and where appropriate, a cheat sheet.

Once a month I go live within the closed, “members only”  Facebook group to answer questions, explain experiments I’m conducting to make the system even easier and to celebrate your harvests.

To give you a feel for what’s inside, World Organic News offers The Change Underground for $1 for seven days so you can have a look around and see if it’s a fit for you. After that monthly membership is $28.

As the gardening year runs for, well, a year, World Organic News offers an annual membership of $197 an over 40% discount over the month by month membership.

All payments are through PayPal to add that level of separation and financial safety for members. And all subscriptions come with 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If we don’t click, we don’t click, no dramas. Life’s too short. Enjoy it!

Monthly Membership: $1 for a seven day trial then $28 per month.
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Annual Membership: (Would be $336 {12×28}) only: $197 Savings of over 40%
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