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Episode 193. Fires, Snow and Sheep Husbandry

This is the World Organic News for the week ending 11th of November 2019.

Jon Moore reporting!

Decarbonise the air, recarbonise the soil!


Well it’s come to that time of the year again. Each year it arrives earlier. I’m talking about the fire season in Australia. The season starts with fires in Queensland and New South Wales, usually, and heads south and west as the summer rolls on. Astute listens will realise that we are still in Spring. Summer looks horrendous. I’ve included a couple of links. One shows the extent of the fires from satellite images. These are terrifying images. Over 100,000 hectares have burnt but the other article portends doom. While weather conditions have eased as I produce this episode on Sunday the 10th of November, Tuesday the 12th is being described as catastrophic. An actual bushfire level of threat here in Australia. Dry winds, high temperatures and low humidity.  Continue reading →