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Bonus Episode 22/03/2021 Buckwheat

Bonus Episode 22/03/2021 Buckwheat

This episode is from the podcast RegenEarth where I co-host with Rich Bowden.

The big announcement for episode 250 is still on track for next week as we’ve had some IT issues this week.




The ChangeUnderground Academy No-Dig Gardening Course:



email: jon@worldorganicnews.com

Saving Money and Eating Well/Healthy Intro

RB: [fade theme in, then under] Hello, I’m co-host Rich Bowden, welcome to season 3 episode 3 of RegenEarth. [fade theme out]

It’s been a busy, busy month, spring’s here with a vengeance and you may be using the good weather to begin setting up your own regen/organic veggie patch. I know we are here in the chilly Central West of NSW. Like most, we’re on a shoestring budget and this episode co-host Jon Moore and I will be looking into ways to help you save money and live a Regenerative Lifestyle at the same time. Continue reading →

Episode 227. The RegenEarth Approach to Chooks

This is the World Organic News for the week ending 17th of  August 2020.

Jon Moore reporting!

Decarbonise the air, recarbonise the soil!

This week I’ve been waist deep in Uni assignments so I have the latest episode from RegenEarth, a podcast I co-host with Rich Bowden. It’s our first back after a period of reorganisation. Not quite a pivot but more of a tightening of the focus. Anyway here ‘tis, I hope ye all find something useful in it.

Chooks in the backyard

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Chooks in the backyard


RB: Hello, I’m co-host Rich Bowden, welcome to a (delayed)season 3 episode 1 of RegenEarth. We’re back and delighted to be so. It’s too early to say “after the pandemic crisis” because that’s still very much around and listeners in many countries, including ours here in Oz, are experiencing a second outbreak as restrictions are lifted. Wherever you are, please follow social distancing guidelines and the advice of medical experts. Continue reading →

S2 E5 How Can I Use A Worm Farm In My Backyard?

Worm Farms Require:

  • A contained space 
  • Specific species
  • Not your garden worms

How Can They Be Used?

  • Vermicompost is different from hot compost
  • Worm castings
  • Place it on top of the garden bed
  • What goes in determines what comes out
    • Shredded paper ~ not bad
    • Cardboard ~ not bad
    • Coffee grounds ~ Pretty good
    • Garden waste ~ perfect
    • Kitchen scraps ~ perfect


Is there anything that shouldn’t go in a worm farm?

  • Technically no, but avoid
    • Citrus
    • Meat
    • Bones


2.3 What are the easiest herbs to grow?


R: Hello folks and welcome to episode 3  of season 2 of RegenEarth! This is the podcast of the RegenEarth online conferences. Hello Jon and welcome to the show!

J: Hello one and all.

R: Ok, Jon. We’ve dealt with backyard veggies in our two previous shows. This week the question is: What are the easiest herbs to grow? Care to have a go at this one?

J: The key, I think, is to look at your eating habits. What herbs are you using now? 

R: So, a sort of import replacement for the household. Continue reading →