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Episode 25: Composting, Truffles and Killer Herbicides

This is the World Organic News Podcast for the week ending 18th of July 2016.

Jon Moore reporting!

This week we focus on the soil! More particularly building soil and allowing soil to create the interconnections we never see from above ground. We are in effect, attempting to create a change underground.

The first post this week, refers to a slightly different way of making compost. The blog orlandoseednsoil posted on the art of “core” composting. The idea here is to use two wire “barrels” as compost bins. The inner has a higher temperature and the outer acts as insulation for the inner. It is an interesting approach if a little complicated. As the inner temperature starts to drop the contents of the inner and outer “barrels” are swapped and this bumps the inner or core temperature up again. I posted this because it is an interesting twist on the standard hot composting method. Check out the original post if you’re interested in reading more, link in the show notes. Continue reading →