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Episode 299. Too Small To Matter?

This is The ChangeUnderground for the 23rd of May 2022.

I’m your host, Jon Moore

Decarbonise the Air, Recarbonise the Soil!

We hear the argument here in Australia and I’m sure it pops up elsewhere that we’re only x% of global emissions. What happens if we spend the money and change but the US, China and India don’t? 

The fact that the x% quoted and it varies from 1 to about 2.5% doesn’t take into account our coal and liquified natural gas exports because they’re being burnt somewhere else by someone else really destroys the argument. 

But let’s look at the question. What if we transition to 100% renewables and zero emissions? Continue reading →

Episode 266. The Amazon is Leaking

This is The ChangeUnderground for the 9th of August 2021.

I’m your host, Jon Moore

Decarbonise the Air, Recarbonise the Soil!

I noticed as I sat down to start typing  this episode that it’s five and a half years since this pod kicked off. This episode is perhaps the most painful and yet most hopeful yet. 

Since our last episode Lizzie dropped a few bob into the kitty to purchase me a coffee. Thanks Lizzie, for the coffee and the comments on the blog/transcript page over at worldorganicnews.com. The feedback is humbling and much appreciated. As I’ve said before, I write and publish this podcast as much to sort my own thoughts as to provide useful material for others. When some of those ‘others’ get in touch, it still comes as a surprise. A pleasant surprise so if you’ve ever felt the urge to say hello, leave a comment over at the website, surprise me. Continue reading →