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Episode 271. The Wheel of the Year

This is The ChangeUnderground for the 27th of September 2021.

I’m your host, Jon Moore

Decarbonise the Air, Recarbonise the Soil!

The Equinox

A moment to pause, just for a minute, as the wheel of the year continues to turn. Last monday my weather app reported the sunrise would be at 06:10 and the sunset 18:10. Twelve hours of daylight following twelve hours of night time. The equinox was upon us. Harvests in the northern hemisphere and thoughts of planting in the southern. Those to the north of us in Australia have been planting for some time. Unless they live in the ranges or here in Van Diemen’s Land. The soil is yet to fully warm for that sort of thing but it is definitely on the mind. Continue reading →