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Episode 31: Composting, Alternative Ag & Growth in Organics

This is the World Organic News Podcast for the week ending 5th of September 2016.

Jon Moore reporting!

As many of you will know by know, I’m an advocate of no-dig/no-till production methods. So it is with some trepidation I bring you a post from Beech Cove! The Hustle: Double Digging.  To be fair, Beech Cove Farm is predominantly a no-dig, n0-till setup. That being said, they chose to double dig their vegetable patch this once. From now on they will be no-dig. The argument put forward is the time savings that occur with a double dig start to the garden. We can see, with a little thought, that this process, and it is a huge amount of work, does release all those nutrients held in the fungal communities under the sod. By then moving to no dig, the communities can re-establish themselves. I have my own opinions on this but I provide a counter argument for your consideration. The post is well worth a read. Link in the show notes. Continue reading →