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Episode 184. 20 Years and More, We Knew!

This is the World Organic News for the week ending the 2nd of September 2019.

Jon Moore reporting!

Decarbonise the air, recarbonise the soil!

I still get surprised when it happens but sometimes I run out of podcasts to listen to myself. During this last week I went looking for some content and stumbled upon and old series that ran for 40 years on the BBC World Service. I thing called The Farming World. I flicked through the listings until I found something which peaked my interest. Agroforestry Success Stories. It contained the usual matter. Planting trees works. A mix of tree lines and cropping works, livestock under trees works. All fairly straightforward stuff. It was when I heard the presenter say: “As we approach the millennium…”  that when my ears really pricked up. I hunted through the material available to discover this gem of an episode was from….    1996. 23 years ago! Even then the results had been proven. Less water use, greater productivity, improved soil health and as we know now, much improved soil carbon.  Continue reading →