Southern Alberta farm leading the way in green energy

Chris and Harold Perry have added anaerobic digesters to 
thermal and solar power generation on their Chin-area farm

bioenergy plant

The twin digesters at the Perry farm will produce 630 kilowatts of green power annually while reducing 
carbon dioxide emissions from area feedlots by more than 10,000 tonnes annually. Photo: Tony Kryzanowsk



Chris and Harold Perry take the power of science and sustainable farm practices very seriously.

The southern Alberta farmers call it their “2020 vision” — reduce farm inputs such as water, fuel, electricity, and synthetic fertilizer by 20 per cent while increasing net yields by 20 per cent.

And they don’t think small.

In November, they officially commissioned a $7.1-million anaerobic digester system on their farm near Chin, about 30 kilometres east of Lethbridge.

“The Perrys are very progressive farmers,” said Seth Clark, a New Brunswick native who came to work on the farm’s potato operation and is now the production manager of the two digesters.

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