Soil Health is One of Our Best Investments

When it comes to our bodies, physically speaking, unfortunately it seems to be only when we lose our health that we become more concerned about our personal lifestyle and what might have got us in this predicament.  Ironically, it seems to be same thing when it comes to our natural world we live in.  Just two weeks into a brand new year and soil and water conservation districts are already looking over the environmental issues and concerns that have been identified or brought to our attention.

Even though a few of the natural resource issues could be looked at as huge challenges, some of us are electing to view them as great opportunities.  We’ve got our work boots on and are looking forward to partnering with all land users, ag and urban, to implement effective land management practices that will protect our soils and improve the water quality of our streams, rivers, and Lake Erie.

It also happens to be the kickoff for the International Year of Soils, a celebration being led by the USDA in the effort to highlight our soils and how important they are, if we are to keep our farms strong and productive and our ecosystems healthy.  Tom Vilsak, Agricultural Secretary for the USDA, emphasized during one of the recent events just how vital our soils are to us and the entire world, a “living and life-giving resource”.

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