Snow peas do great in desert soils

I have big problems growing snow peas. Try as I might I never seem to have enough in the kitchen. While picking them off my garden vines late in the day or just before dinner, I’m hungry. One pea lands in my picking basket while I crunch the next one exalting in their amazing off- the-vine flavor. No pea picked in advance will be as sweet or crisp as these eaten while still in the garden. Grow your own and share in this amazing ritual of freshness.

New Years Day is my cue to put pea seeds in the ground here in the desert Even when I lived up north in the High Sierras I planted pea seed very early. Peas in general are not fond of heat nor dryness. They love that cool dewy moisture that gets them growing and flowering. Here in the desert that window of mild weather is so narrow that only early birds get a crop.

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