SMU aims to GROW the green movement

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Management University (SMU) on Tuesday (Jan 6) launched its GROW initiative to encourage more sustainable living in Singapore. The programme aims to cultivate food and encourage more to pick up gardening.

People across all walks of life – students, staff, faculty members, residents, and business partners – can take part by planting crops at two plots of land outside SMU’s School of Accountancy, which have been set aside for the university-wide urban farm programme

“We actually offered the students the opportunity to actually get a real world understanding of what sustainability is, what green is all about.,” said SMU President Arnoud De Meyer.

“But at the same time, I hope that also people from the neighbourhood, maybe some of the elderly people that work and live here in the neighbourhood, will come and join us and will work with us on these gardens. And if that succeeds, then probably we will get a very good integration between our young students and maybe some of the people that live here in the Bras Basah precinct.”.

Workshops for staff and faculty members to learn more about growing food in environmentally-friendly ways will be conducted, while healthier meals are expected to be served within the campus.

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