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RB: [fade theme in, then under] Hello, I’m co-host Rich Bowden, welcome to season 3 episode 3 of RegenEarth. [fade theme out]

It’s been a busy, busy month, spring’s here with a vengeance and you may be using the good weather to begin setting up your own regen/organic veggie patch. I know we are here in the chilly Central West of NSW. Like most, we’re on a shoestring budget and this episode co-host Jon Moore and I will be looking into ways to help you save money and live a Regenerative Lifestyle at the same time.

  • The importance of saving money, buying organic food/products
  • Setting up a regen backyard “on the cheap”.

Here is my co-host, friend, podcaster, farmer and author Jon Moore just settling himself into the Big Chair at the Highclere Studios in the delightful NW of Tasmania. Hello Jon. Getting these spring rains I hear in Tassie?

JM: Hello one and all. 

RB: Quite simply, we aim at advice for those creating a regenerative lifestyle, in a backyard setting for ordinary folk like you and me. We want to show what you can do to improve your diet, boost your health and to be less reliant on chemical-laden food by growing your own organic produce. Each show will be angled towards how you can carry out this project, in a small backyard. 

Back to the Future ~ Rant!

RB: But going back to when we started this whole idea for the RegenEarth podcast. Jon I seem to remember it was one of our regular rants, though this was just following the climate change election and our usual chat was laced with more than a touch of exasperation, resignation and cynicism. At least to begin with.


  • Election
  • Climate change
  • Do it ourselves
  • Take the steps


  • The theme is change, if not at our political leaders level, then in our lifestyles. 
  • Depressing time, before the crash of COVID-19
  • A feeling of no matter what we do, we still keep electing pro-fossil fuel representatives, intent on worsening the climate and health crisis.
  • Despite climate, health and pollution catastrophes, we are avoiding making the big decisions.
  • Decided the only change we have dominion over is the change we can implement ourselves. In our backyards, balconies and window boxes.

RB: As mentioned, this month we’re looking at some money saving ideas for Backyard Regen Living. One of the best — and back-friendly — methods of organic gardening is the no-dig method. We’ll be basing our thoughts on saving money around this way of growing veggies. Now if you want more info, go to Jon’s Udemy course 

So let’s start. How do you save serious money on your no dig beds to kickstart your regen project? First think: recycle, reuse, reduce and apply it to your regen project. Jon?


  • No dig garden beds. Salvage stuff.
  • Boards from old pallets/scrap lumber
  • Bricks, besser blocks
  • Dirtcrete
  • Tap the local recycling centre 


  • Newspaper (newsagent)
  • Local community newspaper
  • Cardboard (local supermarket)
  • Cardboard (friends who work in shop)


  • Where to get free mulch[council]
  • Waste from the greengrocers
  • Coffee grounds
  • Local manure. Farmers, neighbours with chooks, own chooks, horses
  • Straw 
  • Source local farmers (spoilt hay)


  • Building Compost Piles
  • Vermicompost
  • Local manure. Farmers, neighbours with chooks, own chooks, horses.
  • Grass clippings (mixed)
  • Woodchips (from local council) careful storage/fire hazard
  • Shredder


  • Salvage glass/hot boxes


  • Open pollinated seeds
  • Seed saving
  • Cuttings for herbs, fruit trees


  • Source local farmers – spoilt hay/straw, gleaning


  • Local gardening/permaculture/community gardens


  • Broken pallets/day old chooks
  • Cooking more of your own food — healthier, save money on supermarket bill.
    • Sauerkraut
    • Sourdough
    • Jams/chutneys/preserves
  • Tax free veggies


RB: A great and valuable episode. With a free rant thrown in for our listeners!!! If you have any ideas on saving money in the backyard, while living organically, please drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you. Also pop over to Jon’s World Organic News podcast in your podcatcher of choice, for regular updates. 

RB: Great to have your company, thanks for listening to our show (and rants), we catch you next time when we talk about how you can reduce your carbon footprint in your own backyard.

JM: Bye!

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