Public isn’t using electric car charging network

Nissan Leaf owner Will Price of Eugene doesn’t need the network of government-provided electric vehicle charging stations that were installed for motorists like him.

Price drives 14 miles to and from work, which is easily within his electric car’s 70-mile range, so he ignores the publicly accessible fast-charging units scattered around Eugene-Springfield.

“I never use them,” Price said of the public chargers. “They are of no consequence to me.”

Most electric vehicle owners have developed the same at-home charging habit, leaving the expensive, taxpayer-funded EV Project network of fast-charging units in Eugene-Springfield unused much of the time.

In the city of Eugene’s public parking garages, for example, each public charging unit is used an average of once every two weeks. Springfield officials want seven public charging units removed from downtown because some are little used and others are broken.

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