Proctor: Green New Year's resolutions

KUSA – Many resolutions deal with modifying negative behavior. Choose positive resolutions that benefit your family and the environment. They’re easy to keep.
Conserve water
Grow less turf and plant more drought tolerant trees, shrubs and perennials. Install sensors to prevent irrigation systems from watering while it’s raining.
Feed the birds
Provide food and clean water especially in the winter months. Birds eat insects and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.
Phase out pesticides
You can sustain a healthy garden without harmful chemicals. A soapy spray is usually sufficient to take care of most pests. A healthy ecosystem will stay in balance and self-correct. Birds, bats and bees are good friends and need to be protected from deadly chemicals.
Compost and recycle
Most garden debris and kitchen waste can be composted to create nutritious new soil. Select a high tech drum composter or an old-fashioned compost pile. Recycle and re-purpose wisely.
Grow more from seeds and cuttings
Save money by growing your own annuals and vegetables. Start them indoors in late winter or spring to have transplants ready for May planting.
Raise more of your own food
Home-grown vegetables and fruits are delicious and the epitome of organic gardening. Even a small space has room for dwarf fruit trees and container-grown compact varieties of squash and tomatoes. Even potatoes can be grown on the patio.
Take a class or read a book
Learn more about water-wise gardening, herbs, orchids or whatever green subject that intrigues you.