Power of eight

  • Minimal intervention is required to make organic agriculture in Nepal more productive

DEC 30 –
Farming, which began about 7, 000 years ago in the Middle East, is undoubtedly the most revolutionary discovery of humankind. It allowed hunters and gatherers to settle in one place and presented opportunities for the integrative utilisation of natural resources such as water, animals, sunlight, soil, and plants for food production. This fundamental property of integrative utilisation of natural resources for a successful and environmentally benign farming still prevails.
The fundamental innovations in agriculture, such as mixed-farming, domestication of plants and animals, agricultural tools such as stone axes, sickles and digging sticks, and irrigation, drainage, and storage methods occurred during the Neolithic era. Subsequent agriculture has largely been improving the innovations that were created during the Neolithic period. In this context, it is important for us to focus on agricultural innovations to meet increasing demands for food, fibre, and energy from the rising global population while enhancing environmental integrity and the sustainability of natural resource bases.
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