Potential for biogas production

Engr. S. A. Mansoor

Most household and kitchen waste and leftover food and similar materials are good raw materials for producing bio-gas (methane), an important cooking fuel for the household. Human excreta, generally considered a filthy waste, is also an important source for methane gas which has been economically tapped in Thailand.  This cut down the fuel import by that country where there is practically no geological fuel available.

Cow and goat dung is not included here, as these are mostly recycled in rural Bangladesh as fertilizer. This potential fuel source in Bangladesh is unfortunately totally wasted and adds to the cost of municipal waste collection and disposal. This should be utilised because natural gas resources are depleting.

Possibly the only municipal kitchen waste-based bio-gas generation plant is operating at Gaibandha town, organized by the Gaibandha Municipality in partnership with the local ‘Chinnamul Mohila Shamity’, under the initiative of which this project is now functioning! Their activity was also supported by some local NGOs and funded by the UNICEF and the USAID in this project.

Surprisingly the plant cost less than Tk 20,000! Interestingly, the waste from this small bio-gas plant is sold and used as organic fertilizer to local farmers at taka seven per kilogram; and around 700 kilograms are sold every month.

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