Nebo graziers switch to organic to beat falling cattle prices

David Sparkes

When cattle prices in Queensland plummeted two years ago, graziers across the state were hit hard, but one couple responded by taking their farm in a new direction.

Graziers John and Julie Borg own a property near Nebo in North Queensland and they decided the best long term solution was to make their whole operation organic.

The Australian Organic Market Report 2014 found the retail value of Australia’s organic food industry was $1.38 billion, and the value of organic beef was $198 million, more than doubling since 2011.

That huge growth has convinced many cattle producers to make the switch and Mr and Mrs Borg decided to take the plunge.

Organic beef attracts a higher price than non-organic beef and they believe that although the prices will fluctuate, their decision will pay-off in the long run.

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