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Regenerative Agriculture

Mastermind Group


Facilitated by Jon Moore.



What goes on in a mastermind Group?

  • Something wonderful happens when we come together.

  • The wisdom of the crowd.

  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What Do You Get?

  • Meeting once a week to discuss successes.

  • Helping each member with their challenges.

  • In the “Hot Seat” at least once a month.

  • Greater productivity.

  • Problem solving from a supportive, understanding group.

  • Skin in the game keeps us accountable.

Who Should Attend a Mastermind Group?

People who:

  • have the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary.

  • want a supportive team of Mastermind partners.

  • want to reach or exceed their goals.

  • are ready to let their desire to be passionate about their life and work overcome their fear of change.

  • are willing to commit to the change required to grow, and willing to commit to the mastermind group members.

What Does It Cost?

  • $100 per month

  • or $1000 per year

Think this mastermind group might be for you?

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