Make organic gardening one of your New Year resolutions

Laurie GarretsonLaurie Garretson

With the new year comes many new resolutions that people hope to incorporate into their lives. According to 2014 statistics from the University of Scranton, the No. 1 resolution in this country is to lose weight. Unfortunately, almost half of the people that make these resolutions do not stick with it.

If losing weight and getting healthier is something you’ve wanted for yourself and your family, then organic gardening is definitely something to be considered. Gardening can provide you with all kinds of beneficial exercise along with lots of fresh air and fresh vegetables and fruits.

I’ll be the first to admit that gardening is not the easiest of hobbies to have, but it certainly is worth the effort. I find one of the biggest benefits from gardening is the therapeutic effect it has on our busy minds. There’s something wonderful about being out in nature and having your hands in the soil working with plants.

Gardening is used by trained therapists and medical professionals to help treat different diseases, social problems, substance abuse, physical injuries, conditions related to aging as well as different mental illnesses. Working with nature brings many health benefits along with mental peace to the gardener.

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