Louisiana farmers: ‘farm-to-table’ is a buzzword, not a revenue stream

The growing farm-to-table movement seems like it would be a win-win for Louisiana. Farmers get to sell and spotlight their products on local restaurant menus. Chefs get to work with the freshest local ingredients. Customers get to support and learn more about local agriculture.

But the movement hasn’t given Louisiana farmers the financial backing they’d like.

They say farm-to-table is a buzzword that does little more than market their product. And in some cases, restaurant owners even falsely advertise that they are serving goods from area farms that the restaurants aren’t purchasing.

“How has the farm-to-table movement impacted us?” asks Acadiana farmer Brian Gotreaux. “I can’t say that it has a whole lot.”

Located in Scott just outside of Lafayette, Gotreaux Family Farms has grown during the past 15 years from a small operation meant to provide organic, nutrient-dense food for Gotreaux and his family into one that anchors the Hub City Farmers Market and provides fresh produce and meat to many in Acadiana.

Gotreaux grows 167 varieties of produce and is known for his grass-fed, pasture-raised chickens. He also produces tilapia, lamb, beef, goat, eggs and honey on the farm.

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