Labouring in tropical heat can be tough, but Jim loves it

By Mike Knott

FOR Jim Martin, living life through impulsive decisions is something of the norm and his spontaneous nature has certainly taken him on many adventures over the years.

The young traveller has seen a lot on his escapades but nothing quite compares to what he experienced during a three-month trip to the Philippines, and he is about to do it all again.

Mr Martin made the last-minute decision to join an organisation called Earthship and headed over to the country to volunteer with a building project in March last year.

“The basic premise is an alternative to mainstream housing that uses society’s waste to create an off-grid house for a very reasonable price,” he said.

“The Earthship crew focus heavily on sharing these revolutionary construction techniques with people in the third world.

“At that time, they were calling for volunteers to help with a build in the Philippines in response to the Super Typhoon Yolanda.”

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