Israeli company turns to seaweed to fill gap

Israeli exporter, Arava Export Growers, had taken upon itself the initiative to come up with out-of-the-box ideas of how to face and overcome current market conditions.

“The decline in value of the Russian Rubble and the saturated market in Europe caused by the export ban into Russia had produced an unbearable situation filled with risks and low prices,” said Omer Kamp of Arava. Still, nonetheless, where there is danger, there lurks opportunity. According to Omer, the secret to success lay in understanding what the market needs and wants. As it seems, and figures speak for themselves, the market is thirsty for specialties and niche products.

Traditionally when a market is flooded, main players which include, retailers, wholesalers and traders seek alternatives so they can differentiate from others and attract an already educated consumer base. Therefore, niche lines and specialties play a major role in such a scenario. “This is the scenario we are now in,” according to Omer Kamp.

Resulting from that, Omer goes on to explain that in recent years, under the radar, marine agriculture had developed rapidly in Israel. Public awareness and demand for healthier culinary ingredients had started to make waves from one end to the other, which in return, paved the way for innovations and accessibilities. One farm, however, tops the chart and caught thier attention. This farm is one of the few, probably the only one in existence, that grows genuine Organic Seaweeds via a method of purifying deep ocean water that is later pumped into specialized growing sleeves.

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