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In defense of weeds
February 2, 2015 by Stephen 1 Comment
I provide a haven for weeds. No crap! Sometimes, if no one is looking, I even save seed.
There are places on my property where I have broken ground, turned the grasses under, and waited, just to see what would grow.
And I recommend it. Urge, even, every gardener to think, just for a moment……what would grow here If all these introduced grasses, shipped here from some place in Europe, where removed?
What would grow if I stopped ripping it all out at the slightest hint of germination, If I let some stuff just be?
How would it look?
What insects?
What wildlife?
Would the plants I want to grow do better?
And I promise it will be enjoyable and educational in a way that changes everything. Some of this happens, I think, because you stop looking at the weeds as weeds and think of them as plants again. Just like any other plant, and you get to see how they can benefit the ecosystem that is your garden.
Of course some weeds you will know all too well. Like invasive grasses or “Old Man’s Beard” (an invasive weed in my country that destroys native forest). These should be dealt with in the usual way.
What I’m talking about the other stuff. Like cow parsley.
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