In 2015 resolve to live more Eco-friendly, green, and self-sufficient

With the closing of 2014 and the opening of the new year 2015 we continue to see one of the biggest movements in the US of any time, in the past, for its category. Organic, green living, natural living, Eco-friendly living, sustainable living, off grid living or self sufficiency, what ever you call it, people have made some big changes all over the US. There are more organic farmers now than there ever have been. Not only that, but more individuals are growing and raising their own crops and animals for consumption as well as profit making.
Even big corporations have switched to more earth friendly and healthier growing options. In 2015 make it your resolution to get on board and live more Eco-friendly, green and self sufficient. As the year draws on, we are left to wonder what the future holds for our land and food. Times are not as stable as they used to be and we are drawing closer and closer to science’s warning time of the Earth’s pole shift with a magnitude that will knock out all our technology including all electricity. Not only that, but natural devastation in low lying areas than any of us has ever seen.
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