I planted Potatoes today, it’s good to be an optimist.

raised bed potatoesRed Potatoes in the nearest raised bed, Russets in the bed on the far side.[LEFT] 
A bright sun greeted me this morning when I rose from bed and climbed the two flights of stairs to where the coffee is. There was frost on the pumpkin even though the temperature was well above freezing 47F (7.2C) with a slight breeze, Skunkpuppy was itching to get outside. I, on the other hand, was content to sit on the warm side of the window to see what she was so focused on. Squirrel, we had moved our living Christmas tree onto the porch along with a bunch of other stuff destined for the garage and beyond. The squirrel was digging through the bags of sprouted potatoes, and other stuff from our downsizing. We also hung a bir….
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