How difficult it is to start a garden and is it gardening for everyone?

I have an opinion that gardening is not only for everyone but also that everyone should have a garden or at least grow something in a pot on your windowsill.
I will break down this post in three parts: Where, how and why?



Gardening doesn’t need to be outside if you want to try out for a while, or to determine is it something that you want. IKEA, and probably other manufacturers, have created simple indoor growing units that can give you an excellent start. It is not my preferable choice, I never tried it but I’m sure it is fun, and you have your little “garden plot” in your living room.
The second place can be on your windowsill. If you have flowers, you can have a few pots of herbs. It will not give you a lot, but it will be your own little paradise. Unless you live in an Earthship than you are lucky and I envy you.
I’m starting my garden in livingroom already in mid-winter. Plan….