From the Ground Up: Looking back, looking forward

POSTED: 01/02/15, 5:09 PM EST
Mike Dippolito gets ready for his fall gardening. Photo by Pam Baxter

Today marks the beginning of 2015. Before leaping ahead, I want to pause a moment in the doorway of this new year and look back to remember some of the people who made the past year special for me. It is such a privilege to be invited into someone’s garden, and I am grateful to those who welcomed me so generously.

In mid-June, Don Knabb’s West Chester garden was already a perfect example of square-foot gardening, and how much produce can be grown in just a small area. With raised beds sectioned into 12- by 12-inch squares, no space goes to waste and it’s easy to grow just as much food as you need and want.

In July, I got to see how Gary McKown protects his vegetables and small fruits from the wildlife population that shares his property. When he and his wife moved to West Chester more than two decades ago, the vegetable plot needed little protection. As other houses were built, the couple saw more and more encroachment on their garden. McKown noted, “I’ve spent about as much time and effort in keeping critters out as in raising the garden.”

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