Food groups ask Obama to protect honeybees from pesticides | TheHill

By Tim Devaney – 01/13/15 01:53 PM EST

Food groups are urging the Obama administration to protect honeybees from dangerous pesticides.

In a letter to President Obama sent Tuesday, more than 100 environmentally-friendly food companies, including Clif Bar, call for the Environmental Protection Agency to suspend the use of “bee-harming pesticides.”

“We are very concerned about the continued and unsustainable losses of bees and other essential pollinators and what effects this will have on the bottom-line of our industries and economy,” American Sustainable Business Council CEO David Levine said in a statement.

Declining bee populations could take a $20 billion toll on the U.S. economy, the groups warn.

Bees play a major role in the food industry, they say, pollinating everything from honey to fruits, vegetables, nuts, cotton, and hay.

“Bees are essential to the production of one out of every three bites of food we eat,” they wrote in a letter to President Obama.

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