FarmGirls: Garden designs

The FarmGirls

This FarmGirl is sitting at the computer writing about gardening during one of the colder days of the year.

Meanwhile, Donelle has flown to sunny 70 degree Phoenix, Arizona to interview a young farmer that has turned an empty lot into lush vegetable gardens and feeding the homeless fresh, local, pesticide free foods.

It is cold, gardeners may want to take advantage of the warmer and sunnier days to do garden prep but basically during our short cold months most of us tend to stay indoors and sip on hot tea and dream about beautiful gardens.  I specifically remember a colorful garden sign that my gardening and landscape mentor, Lucy Harrell had beside her classroom door.

“Dream Design Do.”

DREAM  — Winter is a great time to dream with colorful gardening catalogs such as Baker Creek, Johnnies or High Mowing. Many gardeners just curl up with a blanket, catalog. The luring pages of these catalogs will mezmorize the gardeners to dream of  garden gates, lush landscapes, bountiful vegetables, dreamy flower gardens.

DESIGN on a sunny day, track the sun at 8 a.m., 9 a.m. and through the day.  Gather data to show if the desing area is sunny, part shade, dappled shade and deep shade. Gathering this information will save money in the long run.  Spending money on roses and putting them in an area that is full shade is a recipe for disaster. After the sun track is complete it is time to measure the area to be designed. When measuring note windows, water, AC units. Using grid paper and pencil put your measurements on paper.

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