Everything you didn’t think you wanted to know about eggs From farm resh to factory bred

When it comes to shopping for eggs, you have many choices to make. The best choice might be right in your own back yard, if your town allows it.

Eggs. We eat them for breakfast, deviled and even use them in our baking. Nevertheless, what don’t we know about them? We know they come from hens. We know that we buy them at the grocery store or, better yet, from a local farm. However, you might not know why some eggs are different colors or why store bought eggs are a bit different from farm fresh eggs.

First, the eggs you buy from the store come in a few different varieties, including size and type. You may see words like “cage-free” and “organic.” According to the Humane Society of the U.S., cage-free means that the hens laying these eggs are uncaged, but usually they live in barns and don’t spend time outside. “Free–range” hens are described as being similar, but may get some time outside, too.

For all of these terms though, there are no USDA regulations, so you have no way to know if that hen really did spend some time outside. That is, unless you buy your eggs from a local farmer where you know you can trust your product.

One such person is Michelle Allen, who raises chickens at her home on Ray Road in Fenton Township. Allen has 52 hens and four roosters, right now. She collects 50 eggs a day, usually.