Episode 186: The RegenEarth Bonus

The is a World Organic News Bonus episode

We are just four days away from the RegenEarth Backyard Regen online conference on the 16th of September 2019!

I just received an email from an attendee from Hungary! Wow! The interwebs are a wonderful thing.

The old rules no longer apply. Monsanto using the Tobacco play book in court might have worked 20 years ago, political “leadership” backed by coal producers may have gotten away with approving more coal mines but not so much now. The political heat might or might not be increasing but we can form our own communities. We might never meet face to face but together we can reverse the CO2 in the atmosphere. From window boxes to rangelands we can be the difference we are looking for.

I’ve just finished a run through the conference. The info and skills will make great change possible. A few simple steps and our lives are made better, our planet gets to breathe a little easier and so too do we!

If you’re interested in joining this world wide event, click the only link in the today’s show notes. There you can sign up for the surprisingly good value as the $A drops, $67 AUD. That’s about US$47, EURO42 or 38 quid.

And what do you get for this extraordinarily low price? Over 300 years of accumulated experience and knowledge from our speakers. Everything through building a no-dig garden, compost making, community building, a little biodynamics, some permaculture to the wonders of real soil! 

Not all that keen on the phrase “fake news” but I’ve discovered there’s an awful lot of “fake soil” out there.

As regular listeners will recall, we have basically killed off the biology of our soils since WWII. Some have survived through sheer dint of their depths and organic matter content to start with but many soils are now, sadly nothing more than dirt. 

This is especially so in the suburbs. It turns out more chemicals per unit area of land are poured onto suburbs than are used in ag. Local councils are especially guilty of this. On an up note, we are coming off a low base so any change will be obvious. Equally we are seeing revolts, might be too strong a word, but people organising to demand their local councils stop using glyphosate! 

We are living in times of great change. Let’s seize the moment, turn our backyards into living soil areas, produce food fit for human consumption and fix the CO2 problem all in one go!

So click the link or go to regenearth.net and click on the living soils image!

We’d love to see you at the conference.

Until next monday, thanks for listening!




The RegenEarth 2019 Online Conference ~ Living Soil



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