Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: Steps to a successful organic home garden

Planting an organic garden involves more than putting organic seeds in the ground and hoping for an organic garden. It involves selecting a location and everything that goes with that, such as preparing the seed bed.
Will you sow seeds directly into the beds, or will you start them in a green house or tray? If you do plant them directly, will you thin or will you try your hand at transplanting?
A good garden plan will save time, save you space, save your back and save your money as well as make it fun.
Gardening with vegetables and fruit is fun and provides delicious and highly nutritious fresh food source. Becoming an organic gardener can add a new dimension of enjoyment to life and bring an awareness of the wonderful world of gardening. The path to a successful organic vegetable garden is neither difficult nor a long one, but an exciting healthful lifelong, ongoing experience.
Begin to plan your next garden by learning from your past gardens, or if you have never had a garden before, join an organic gardening club and learn from other organic gardeners. What varieties did you like well or not at all? Would you like to extend the harvest season to as long as possible or increase the amount of your food you grow?
Would several small, staggered plantings through out the season be desirable (remember how you grew too many lettuce at one time last year?).  Did you try something new last year that you want to include again this year? Is there something new that you want to try this year?

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