Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: Keeping pests away from gardens

Andy Lopez, Contributing Columnist/Invisible Gardener
4:28 pm PST December 29, 2014

Many folks have asked me the following question:

“How do I keep rabbits and other creatures from eating my delicious organic garden vegetables?”

I have never been much for killing innocent animals or even insects. They have a right to be here, too.

Even as a child when I first started gardening at my home in Hialeah, Florida, I was not into killing the little “beings.” Instead, I realized early in my growing career that insects and other animals were merely after good food.

At that time and even to this day, I grow enough for everyone to enjoy. I also found out that insects, being different than humans, require a different type of food than we do.

That is the key to keeping insects from eating your vegetables.

To repel rabbits and other creatures, one needs only to rely on their sense of smell. If it doesn’t smell right, they wont come near it.

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