Dirt’s big year

January 01, 2015 12:46 pm  • 

Last year may have been a lot of things to a lot of people but one thing it surely wasn’t was predictable.

I mean who foresaw last year’s record-setting high in the U.S. stock market, the plunge in global crude oil prices, Russia’s naked grab of Ukraine’s sovereign territory or the Obama Administration’s reaching out to Cuba?

Not me; I was a solid “Wow,” “Whoa,” “Nyet,” and “Really?” on four of the biggest events to rock both the U.S. and its farmers in 2014.

This year I’m not taking any chances and announcing 2015’s first big global event, the already announced (on Dec. 5 by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization) “International Year of Soils.” The goal of this yearlong, worldwide emphasis, explains the U.N., is “to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions.”

You would think that everyone in the world might already be aware of how this thin layer of life-giving skin separates humanity’s continuing rise from its complete collapse or that our future is rooted in how we responsibly and sustainably treat the very ground we stand on. (Links found at http://farmandfoodfile.com/in-the-news/.)

After all, it’s not like soil conservation and soil health are dirty little secrets. The science underpinning both is well known and widespread.

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