CSA programs expand healthy options

By Mike Ross JANUARY 04, 2015
THE SUMMER before my senior year in college, I traveled to Alaska with a group of friends to work at a salmon-processing plant. I soon found myself on a boat, working 20-hour shifts, endlessly gutting fish, somewhere along the chain of Aleutian Islands that jut out from the southwest corner of the state.

The trip was more adventure than it was career choice, as by the end of my three-month sojourn, I was quite ready to return to my pursuit of a vocation that would hopefully land me a nice, cushy desk job.

Chris Kurth, who today owns Siena Farms in Sudbury, also set out to work the summer before his senior year in college. There, however, the similarities end. His job working Hutchins Farm in Concord, a 65-acre organic farm, turned him into a real farmer. “I never turned back, and I’ve never done anything else,” he said.

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