Cost-Effective Solutions to the Climate Crisis Await – It’s Time to Stop Waffling

People around the world see climate change as a major threat, and Americans are becoming increasingly concerned. Yet the World Meteorological Association writes that the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere “reached a new record high in 2013, propelled by a surge in levels of carbon dioxide.” Clearly, we are not doing enough about this problem. However, it is not for lack of available solutions.

A 2014 report by the Global Commission on Economy and Climate (GCEC) concludes that “countries at all levels of income now have the opportunity to build lasting economic growth at the same time as reducing the immense risks of climate change.” The report states that the necessary fixes may be effectively free. When the ancillary benefits of greener policies are taken into account, the fixes may wind up saving us money. The report points out that the longer we delay taking action, the more it will cost us to address the climate problem.

Opportunities for addressing greenhouse gases lie within our reach. The potential environmental benefits of these opportunities are linked to other benefits, such as an improved economic climate, better human health, and remediation of other environmental problems. Green technology keeps improving. However, our policies are stuck and work against wider implementation of green technology.

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