Cornucopia Institute: Organic farms industrializing–As sustainability benefits of GMO crops rise

(Is this the answer? I think not. mrjonmoore)

| January 12, 2015 |

The idyllic image, often promoted by the organic industry itself, of organic farming as a collection of independent farmers committed to sustainability and fighting against Big Ag is far from current reality. Sure, there are thousands of small backyard farmers and small farms, but in terms of output–what consumers buy and eat–they represent an increasingly smaller fraction of the organic market. And this analysis comes not from critics of organic farming but from its most ardent supporters.

“When people buy organic milk and eggs, they are buying the story behind the label,” Mark Kastel, co-founder of the Cornucopia Institute, told theWashington Post. “We have a wonderful, romantic story. When they see the reality, they really feel betrayed.”

Recently, Cornucopia took aerial photos of some of the most productive organic farms in the United States to show how little they portray that  family farm image that most consumers think they’re buying when they purchase organic. For example, this photo depicts Green Meadows Farm in Saranac, Michigan, an an organic animal farm that is licensed for over 1 million birds. Each of these two-story houses contains over 100,000 birds.

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