In Defence of A Modern Yeomanry – Small mixed farms as the answer.

Given the nature of agriculture in this country and the effects of rising populations both here and globally, it is time to re-examine the virtues of a stable productive yeoman farming sector. In the global South and through its myriad Continue Reading

Why the World Needs Regeneration

Soil Today we’re going to discuss regeneration in particular regeneration of the soil and ecosystems. Over the last 50 to 75 years, basically since the second world war we’ve gone through a period of destruction. In effect a faustian bargain Continue Reading

The Henry Ford Approach to Food Production ~ Why you shouldn’t!

What gets sold is not what is reality. Bucolic idyll, green fields, stock roaming free, warm but not too hot, sunlight, all combining to give an image of healthy individuals engaged in a process of accumulating a surplus from the Continue Reading

Change Underground System ~ Philosophical Underpinnings

There are four outcomes from this philosophy: No digging No weeding No bare soil A closed system The philosophy on which The Change Underground System stands is the mimicking of nature. Nature does not dig, weed, allow ground to stand Continue Reading