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In Defence of A Modern Yeomanry – Small mixed farms as the answer.

Given the nature of agriculture in this country and the effects of rising populations both here and globally, it is time to re-examine the virtues of a stable productive yeoman farming sector. In the global South and through its myriad advocates, this sector is often referred to as the peasantry but re-imagining it and seeing it for what it truly is, a free landholding eco-management sector, brings many possibilities. Continue reading →

Fractional Farming

Fractional farming is a way of understanding the process of life creation. If we can retain the free energy of the sun in varying forms on the land of which we are custodians, then we are given the opportunity to increase our sunlight credits. As each unit of feed passes through an action – digestion, composting, plant growth – we are able to add more of the sun’s radiant light to our store of organic matter. Continue reading →