Bitcoin Demonstrates Its True Potential at an Organic Farm – Somewhere in Argentina, a small entrepreneur is making major improvements in the lives of organic farmers. His tools however are not some agricultural machinery, but a digital currency.

Nubis Bruno is that emerging entrepreneur and a passionate web developer who recently designed an ecommerce platform for the organic famers of Tierra Buena, Argentina. With an aim to cut down bureaucratic middlemen, he added Bitcoin payment services to the website following which farmers are earning a decent profit. They are further able to keep a tidy invoice record.

Speaking to, Bruno explained why Bitcoin is such an important tool for small farmers. “For me personally,” he said, “it’s a similar payment mechanism much like a credit card but the added value it has is that it does not require middlemen such as banks, and it’s also very easy to use. Small farmers like us do not have access to Banking credit and that makes our life pretty difficult. So we realize that Bitcoin was a safe, easy and cheap way of avoiding high fees we could have access.”

The young entrepreneur, with the help of his friend Santiago Zaz from the organic farming community, is himself astonished after seeing the potential of a decentralized ecosystem. He now hopes to add more farmers to this system so as to reduce their dependence on middlemen and further keeps them away from being taxed out.

This is indeed a story of change, away from all the noise related to prices, trades and scams.