Bajura sees over Rs 1b poured into micro hydro


BAJURA, JAN 04 – The district has witnessed an investment of over Rs 1 billion in micro hydropower projects.

Of the total 49 such projects, 29 projects (1.16MW combined) are already in operation, illuminating remote villages of the district. Once the under-construction projects are completed, the district will generate 2.33MW energy. Total investment has reached Rs 1.14 billion. Although the estimated cost of per MW energy was around Rs 165,000, most of the projects seem to have exceeded the amount.

These projects has brought a significant change in the lives of the general people. “The availability of energy has made a significant impact on our lives. It has helped us in many ways,” Bishu Aidi, a resident of Kailashmandu VDC, said.

Villages like Manakot, Kolti, Pandusen, Dogdi, Jay Bageshwari, Gudukhati, Kotila, Kuldevmandau, Budhiganga, Kada, Dahakot, Toli, Aatichaur, Chhatara, Martadi, Jugada, Kailashmandau and Baghu are largely load-shedding free.

“There is no load-shedding, unless these projects have to undergo repairing,” Ratan Bahadur Aidi, another local said. Around 11,000 families from the district have been benefited by these projects. Once the under-construction projects complete, 23,000 families (almost 90 percent) will get the facility.