World Organic News (WON) is here to bring you the latest in Organic News!

Gardening, farming and food will be covered. If you can think of another area, let me know. I will also be dredging through the net for old ideas ripe for a come back. Too much research has been channeled to the chemical farming, gardening and industrial food sectors.

We must overgrow the system. Every time we make a purchase we are sending a message to the makers of that product to keep doing it. Consider your choices for we can change the world, one cabbage at a time!

Just spend some moments thinking about the last sentence…



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  1. I`m currently making my green contribution by republishing (on my Blog) some articles I wrote in University dealing with the subject of vermicomposting, which believe it or not, was still a relatively unused process for converting household waste into worm casts at that time, as was the whole concept of Blogging, since Java had just been invented (c.1982-3). Lol. Anyway, since I`m now following you, I shall have to recommend your page to all the gardeners who have been reading my weekly vermicomposting articles, of which I just published the latest tonight. (Maybe I could make an edit still, or maybe I`ll wait till next week.) We`ll definitely see you later.

  2. At first glance it seems that you have a blog worth investigating further. Organic food is the salvation of human health in the world and the US has gone too far in its factory farming, monoculture agriculture, and chemical solutions. Thanks for the info and best wishes. Uldis

  3. So, Mr. Jon Moore, how do you gather your articles? Do you automatically reblog based on certain keywords? I’m amazed at the variety and relevance of topics and sources that I’ve seen here in the past few days. Useful stuff. Happy 2015!

    1. Keywords and areas of interest to me. If i think its’s of value then i hope others do to. I don’t automatically reblog somethings don’t seem relevant. I also check for news stories every day. Hope you find somethings of interest! 😃

      ps please tell your friends about WORLD ORGANIC NEWS!

  4. Thank you, that was wonderful surprise to get reblogged by your site. I have you in my blog network now and this is motivating me to write about the farm in more detail 🙂

    Merci beaucoup, Vedran <3

  5. Thank you so much for reblogging me! I’ve never been reblogged before and actually I was starting to get a little discouraged about writing about gardening and sustainability. Wondering if anyone is really reading me? I might not be saying anything new but I’m trying to collect all my own research into one place for anyone who wants it. I’m so happy I found your blog. 🙂 Can’t wait to learn some more!

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