A tale of two farming conferences: the future is ‘real’ and organic

Peter Melchett

Lord Krebs, self-appointed spokesman for industrial agriculture, used the Oxford Farming Conference to attack organic systems for causing more climate change – a claim as demonstrably false as it is ludicrous, writes Peter Melchett. But across the city, the upstart ‘real farming’ conference was showing the way to a cleaner, greener and healthier future.

Agro-ecological and organic farming is proven to deliver better animal welfare, more wildlifes, lower emissions, less pollution from pesticides and fertiliser run-off, and healthier diets.

In Oxford this week, two major farming conferences have been under way.

The newer, forward-looking Oxford Real Farming Conferenceis discussing innovations in technology that are needed for farming to face the challenges of achieving massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, tackling the horrendous problems of diet-related ill health, and restoring beauty, colour, wildlife and human cultivators to our farmed countryside.

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