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Crop rotation: my head is spinning

I’ve been getting in a twist over crop rotation. I recruited Carol and Mr Smith to help with this process I’m trying to nail down the planting plan for the six raised beds in the Secret Garden. My main issue, of course, is that I want to plant ALL THE PLANTS. Which is madness – […]

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By HORTICULTURAL ‘OBBIT The sun’s been out today; everything feels very much hopeful, and full of potential. I’ve seen potential, having fished out half a dozen baby chilli’s from the heated propagator. I was wondering when these would come through, it had been some time since the seeds had been sown. I wasn’t feeling particularly […]

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Hugelkultur is raised garden beds

By Author Unknown Hugelkultur is raised garden beds that reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation and fertilizer. This video shows the why and how of this type of raised garden bed. Hugelkultur can be built by hand or with machinery; urban lots or large acreage farms; The focal point of this video is a […]

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