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The bleating roar of March is behind us.

The bleating roar of March is behind us. The bleating roar of March is behind us. — Read on dangerhart.wordpress.com/2019/04/01/the-bleating-roar-of-march-is-behind-us/ Hugelkultur with step by step pictures!

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By Allison Wright Hügelkultur is a German word meaning more properly ‘mound cultivation’, rather than the ‘mound culture’ term frequently bandied about in channels of information, such as Youtube. It is an organic horticultural method. Hans Beba and Hermann Andrä first used the term in a booklet published in 1962 (with several revised editions published […]

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Chester the Cat meets the Neighbour's Sheep.

A week of growth and change. Adventures of Chester! Late yesterday afternoon Chester, the wonder cat, discovered the neighbour’s sheep. I spotted him on a stump near the boundary fence looking down, a default feline setting for this cat, at a ewe. Behind her were her twin lambs. A stare off began. The ewe started […]

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Hugelkultur is raised garden beds

By Author Unknown Hugelkultur is raised garden beds that reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation and fertilizer. This video shows the why and how of this type of raised garden bed. Hugelkultur can be built by hand or with machinery; urban lots or large acreage farms; The focal point of this video is a […]

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