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6 Tools I Can’t Live Without in the Garden

 By seanealy I try to do as much as I can by hand in the garden. This is partially because I try to live as frugally as possible. But it’s also because I’m unwaveringly stubborn. Just ask my wife! When we first started our market garden, I had grand delusions of farming 3 acres with […]

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I planted Potatoes today, it’s good to be an optimist.

By jacqueslebec Red Potatoes in the nearest raised bed, Russets in the bed on the far side.[LEFT]  A bright sun greeted me this morning when I rose from bed and climbed the two flights of stairs to where the coffee is. There was frost on the pumpkin even though the temperature was well above freezing […]

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Gardens of Dreams

by TOADSTOOLSFAIRYRINGS All around spring is flowering in the branches.  The croaking of the Sandhill cranes will now and then fill the blue-clouded skies as they pass along on their long pilgrimage.  From out of the earth the green force of life is brimming in a flowery haze, all things stretching forth with new, fresh gr….. […]

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Too Busy For a Garden? Think Again!

by Anne Marie Orlando The Superbowl is over and Valentine’s has passed. We are finally in the last stretch of Winter! What better way to make it go by faster than to plan out your Spring garden! Before you give any excuses as to why not, hear me out. It is possible to work full-time and […]

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27 July 2014

Gardening The harvest starts for some. Click here Saving money and doing great gardening. Click here Farming Learning to farm organically as a WWOOFer. Click here NY techie returns to aid Indian organic cotton farming. Click here One farmer’s cheerful view on farming. Click here Cow power and the wonder of great pasture. Click here […]

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