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Beekeeping: the Next Generation

Beekeeping: the Next Generation https://thebeekeepingmentor.com/2019/04/03/beekeeping-next-generation/ — Read on thebeekeepingmentor.com/2019/04/03/beekeeping-next-generation/ Ahh bees!

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Planting for Bees

By gardendaze There’s a lot of information out there about planting for butterflies and hummingbirds but there’s less available about planting for bees. I’m not sure why that is–perhaps because until recently we were only thinking about honeybees, which are a managed species, and not perhaps about our hundreds, if not thousands of native bee […]

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Pesticides give bees a hard time

by joelroher In high doses, a new pesticide impairs the taste and learning capabilities as well as the memory of bees. Credit: Ricarda Scheiner Scientists from the University of Würzburg have investigated the impact of a new pesticide on the honeybee. In high doses, it has a negative impact on the insects’ taste and cognition ability. […]

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Bavarians vote to save bugs and birds—and change farming

In the face of plummeting insect and bird populations, citizens in the south German state are trying to make farmers preserve habitat. ‘Bee a hero’ A petition for a referendum on preserving the diversity of species — better known as the “save the bees” petition — has gathered the legally required 10 percent of all […]

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By THE BEE REPORTFEBRUARY 18, 20192:29 PM Researchers looked for areas that differ between the unhygienic bees (left) and hygienic bees (right). / Photo: York University The key to breeding disease-resistant honey bees could lie in a group of genes – known for controlling hygienic behavior – that enable colonies to limit the spread of harmful […]

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