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Awesome Organic Aquaponic Farm

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa1BszNwJqk] SOURCE: https://farmhousefam.com/2019/03/01/awesome-organic-aquaponic-farm/

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Testing the waters for gardening

ATHIRA M. Vijayakumar Narayanan at his aquaponics farm at his home in Palakkad Vijayakumar Narayanan says ‘aquaponics’, a system of cultivation, is the future of agriculture The premise that one needs ground for a garden does not hold water anymore. Not if you are into aquaponics! And to help you take to it as a […]

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Campaigning For Urban Agriculture In The Farm to Fork Capital

 Amy Quinton Paul Trudeau with Southside Aquaponics inside his backyard greenhouse. Paul Trudeau unlocks a gate that leads to a small backyard greenhouse in the Southside neighborhood of Sacramento. It’s no ordinary greenhouse. Inside a tank holds several fish that he’s using to grow food. The process is called aquaponics. “The fish exhale ammonia through […]

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Coming soon: The largest aquaponics greenhouse in Maine

More greens, butter lettuce specifically, grown in a clean, green way. of 6 Tyler Gaudet’s patient girlfriend knew exactly when his side business had outgrown the couple’s East End apartment. It was 2011, and Gaudet, a fisheries biologist, was raising scores of tilapia in hulking, open-top tanks in their spare bedroom. FLUID FARMS BY THE […]

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